Can I Sell My Car While In Chapter 7 and 13

Can I Sell My Car While In Chapter 7 and 13? Important Facts & Details

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “Can I Sell My Car While In Chapter 7 and 13?”

In the process of bankruptcy, your car is adjudged as an asset, and doubtlessly a precious one. That’s why your vehicles are pursued by your lenders while seeking to accumulate debt. Numerous elements determine whether you will be capable of retaining your car throughout the bankruptcy procedure. The subsequent factors are taken into consideration while deciding if you can keep or sell your car:

  • The sort of bankruptcy (chapter) you are submitting
  • Do you own or car, or are you leasing and nonetheless financing it for the time being.
  • The worth of your car
  • Exemptions that are applied and practiced in the place you are residing in.

Can I Sell My Car While In Chapter 7 and 13?

The code of bankruptcy calls for you to reveal all transactions, transfers, and sales of your assets for the previous two years before you filed for bankruptcy. Each nation and state has a one-of-a-kind period for disclosing asset information in bankruptcy schedules; however, the minimum period required is two years.

If you are filing bankruptcy, you cannot hold onto your assets. Since your house, automobiles, or any other valuable asset is meant to be used for payments of your debts, that’s why you can’t keep them. There are no restrictions on selling your assets previous to filing bankruptcy. Receiving the truthful marketplace price for your valuable asset is the critical factor.

Receiving a fair value and transferring your asset to the right buyer is legal. But selling your assets for less or no value is not considered standard. There are many cases where, for some reason, the clients want to sell their valuable before filing. You are free to do that, but you have to sell your item at the current market value, and you are required to uncover all the details about this transaction during the bankruptcy proceedings; this proves that you have acted in accordance with the law.

A capable bankruptcy professional or lawyer of your nation can explain and legally guide you through the procedure and its complex parts like trade proceeds. In some instances, you may preserve the cash within a financial institution, but in most, the money is used for paying off your debts, and you are required to keep proper tabs on the way you spent it.

Explication about Selling Your Car While In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you’re filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might be able to settle some of your unsecured debts by selling some of your valuable assets. The type of assets that are excluded from this process differs in every state. The local bankruptcy law states that you can keep your car as long as you are constant on your debts payments.

In this procedure, the equity of your automobile is also determined. Your car can be protected in case the exemption limit is more significant than your car’s equity. But if the equity of the vehicle transcends the range of exemption, the following cases might occur: 

  • The Trustee who is directing your case has the authority to sell your car and give the money you owe to the creditor to clear your debt and then give you the spared amount. You are granted a choice to pay off your car’s value at a discounted price if you want to keep your vehicle.
  • The creditor can take possession of your car if you cannot pay your vehicle debts and loans on time. 
  • If you don’t have any plans to pay the vehicle loans, you can relinquish your car’s rights and surrender to the creditor. In this way, after filing bankruptcy, your responsibility regarding the loan will be eliminated.

Explication about Selling Your Car While In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the idea of a debt repayment plan is introduced. No government trustee is appointed here to sell your properties; instead, your assets and finances are arranged in a systematic order; after that, you initiate the repayment procedure.

The repayment period differs in every state. Usually, the period is 3-5 years. Some unresolved arrears might be discharged at the end of your period, like clinical bills and credit card dues.

In the case of car loans, if you owe more than its current worth, then the principal amount or the interest rate can be decreased; this occurrence is referred to as cram-down in this procedure. But you might need to sell the car if you cannot qualify for the repayment plan.

Final Thoughts

The procedure involved in selling your car while in the chapter (bankruptcy) is different in both cases. In Chapter 7, a federal trustee is appointed to oversee the financial settlements of your assets. In Chapter 13, the government offers you a repayment plan with enough time to pay off your debts. In this article, we have briefly explained the essential facts which can help you. We suggest you consult with a bankruptcy attorney for more information on whether you can or can’t sell your car while in the chapter. 


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