How to Make $10 Fast?

How to Make $10 Fast?

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “How to Make $10 Fast?”


Who does not like some extra dollars added to their income! It’s challenging to find someone who doesn’t. $10 may seem to be a small amount, but to add it regularly, the amount at the end of the month will be $3000. That is a lot of extra money. If you want to earn $10 daily or at least at regular intervals, we are here to help. Not just adults, some of these ideas can be incorporated amongst teenagers too if they wish to earn some extra dollars. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the ideas that can cater to helping you earn the extra $10. 

How to Make $10 Fast?

You need to understand that, just by looking around, you may find some jobs that will pay you a few dollars. And if you can find multiple such jobs, then you can easily earn above $10 regularly. 

One such example is walking dogs. You can volunteer to help older adults by walking their dogs. In return you can ask them for some amount that will be your extra income. These even teenagers can volunteer to help. This way, you can earn $10 fast and effortlessly.

There are other ways, too, for making $10 fast and easy. Let’s take a look. 

Ways of Making Money Fast

This is the list of jobs that can easily pay you $10.  

  • Participating in Survey Junkie

This website is a legitimate link that provides you with some cash rewards when you take part in the surveys and complete a few tasks. This is known to be one of the reputed brands for such surveys in the market. And the best part is you can join Survey Junkie at the age of 13. You can earn up to $4 per survey you participate in. 

  • Freelance Work

We cannot emphasize enough how you can find ways of earning money as a freelancer. There are a ton of options available, and they also have pricing attached to it. You can opt for the job you are best at and earn more than $10. And there are jobs available for teenagers too to explore. 

  • Using A Cashback App

This is not a method of earning, but a way of saving some dollars. Self-explanatory, cashback apps provide you with some amount when you buy something from a website. These cashback apps provide you with cash rewards, which get credited once you have completed the order at a partner store. The few popular names are Rakuten and Drop. 

  • Deliver Food with Postmates

Postmates is the food and grocery delivery app. You can join them as a rider and choose to deliver the items within the city limits. The app will pay you almost $10 per hour whenever it is convenient for you to work. All you need a vehicle and the rest the company is going to provide you. 

Most Americans are native English speakers. And writing down what you hear is not a tough job for you. Therefore, you can start your journey with an easy option like transcription. A popular website Transcribeme will give you that opportunity to earn some extra dollars.  

  • Tutoring Young Kids

Usually, young kids do not want to study at home as much as they enjoy school. You can take up the challenge of making home tutoring fun for these kids. And in return you can ask for the amount you think is deserved for the job. 

  • Play Games on Smartphones

There are few online games like solitaire, rummy which are money gambling games. Suppose you are a pro; with a minimum investment, you can earn up to $20 per game. This is strictly meant for adults only. Teenagers can find other ways of earning as these games do have age restrictions. 

  • Rent Out Your House or Property

This is a long-term goal of earning a few extra dollars. If you have a house used rarely, you can make it available for visitors and travelers. To get attraction, you can keep it at a low price compared to the market. Once it’s popularized, you can get a steady income flow at regular intervals. 

How to Get $10 For Free?

A few apps and websites give your $10 when you sign up as a bonus. These websites are- 

  1. Swagbucks- the bonus for registering is $10
  2. Ibotta- you get $20 when you scan your 1st grocery bill 
  3. WealthSimple- you will get $50 when you first deposit $500
  4. Rakuten- you can get a gift card of $10 as a gift
  5. TopCashback- you will get $10 as a registration bonus
  6. Mypoints- you will get a registration fee of $10

Final Thoughts

Well, there are numerous other options that you will find to earn $10. All you have to do is look for the right opportunity. It may seem a little tedious, but that does not mean it’s not possible. Other than these options, there are many different jobs that you will find around you that can pay you $10 or even more. 


This video will give you some more ideas about earning $10 fast. 

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