How To Move To California Without A Job?

How To Move To California Without A Job?

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “How To Move To California Without A Job?”

So, are you considering moving to California? Since you have already made up your mind, we would not demotivate you. We would provide you with some information that you need to know before you shift to California and that too, without having jobs lined up for you. 

And just for some added information, California’s population grew by 5% between 2010 to 2015. This city is famous for attracting millennials who are interested in tech jobs there. Now let’s dive into the details. 

How To Move To California Without A Job?

If you are looking for loads of sunshine, easy reach to the ocean, and some incredibly luscious food, California will not disappoint you. Considering both land and population, California is one of the largest states in the nation. 

There are a lot of beautiful places to live in. But also, California is one of the most expensive cities in America. Especially around areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco, the cost of living is relatively high. As the cost of living, the income here is high and balances the expenditures. 

Rent there in California is even higher than in New York City in some places. Half of a person’s income living in California is spent on just housing. And another significant spending in California is the car. For moving around in California, you have to have a car. 

And that means that California’s expenditures are added with the gas, insurance, and the cost of buying and servicing the car. And just for information, California’s gas prices rose by 30% in the last six months. And this makes California head forward from all other states except Hawaii in the cost of gasoline.

Cost Of Living In California

Moving to a whole new place will impact your budget, and that too to such an expensive place like California. It is recommended to look into the tax details of the place. Especially property taxes. 

If you are dreaming of California, also be ready to keep in mind the high taxes of California. You should consult a financial advisor in this case. There is also a thing called homeowner insurance applicable when you go from renting to buying a California property. This insurance is for all the possible natural hazards that might take place in the city. 

Jobs In California

I know why you are eager to move to California. After all, it is the fifth-largest economy globally with all that diverse economy, the Silicon Valley, Hollywood, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. 

Work Visa In California

There are plenty of visa options, but you need to remember that most work-based US visas depend on you having a job letter from a verified or licensed American company before you shift there. 

The visa options are:

  • Visa Waiver Program: This US-UK agreement provides British visitors the right to stay in the place without a visa for about 90 days. This time can be well utilized for searching for jobs.
  • Non-Immigrant Visa: This visa is for those not looking for any job or planning to live there in California. 
  • Immigrant Visa: This is a two-year visa that requires renewal after every second year. Once you are recruited for a job in California, it is your responsibility to file for the petition form. 

Moving To California With No Money

  • Job Searching In California

Searching for jobs has never been too easy, but in California, it isn’t hard either. Even though the current coronavirus situation has affected the whole economy and employment, many jobs are still available. 

There are even recruitment agencies who would help you find jobs quickly as they contact the companies. 

  • Best Place For Work In California

San Francisco is regarded as one of the happiest cities for young adults who are just beginning their careers based on their satisfaction with the other coworkers and employers. 

It is also seen that finding jobs in San Francisco is comparatively easier than finding jobs in different places around the country. 


The content tells us about the possibilities that might happen in California if you are planning to shift there without having jobs lined up. Finding employment is not hard there. 

Instead, it is the fifth-largest economy with plenty of jobs to offer and is regarded as one of the happiest places for people who are just starting their careers. 


Is California expensive to live in?

Considering the 2020 cost of living index, California has a 38% high cost of living than any other city in the nation. It may be because California is the third-largest state in the US. 

How to move to another state without money or a job?

Before taking such a drastic step, do the research needed. Moving without money should not be something to do abruptly. Be thorough with your finances, have a backup plan, and sell as many things you can to reduce the shipping charges. 

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