How To Move To Germany Without A Job?

How To Move To Germany Without A Job?

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “How To Move To Germany Without A Job?”

Move to Germany without a job? How scary does that sound? Could it even be possible to survive without employment? The short answer is yes, you can. It is not an impossible thing to carry out. 

But, to be detailed about it, there are a few factors that would positively affect your moving to Germany. Not to worry, we got it all covered in this article. We would brief you about the most important things you need to know after deciding to move to Germany. 

Also, not to forget, moving to Germany is only possible if you are an EU citizen or have a passport from a country that does not ask for a visa to enter Germany as a tourist.

How to Move to Germany Without A Job?

Let us focus on the things you need to check off before moving into Germany without having a job ready for you. To start, having the ability to learn the German language tops the list.

Besides that, you would also need to have a good skill set to help you find a job for yourself. And for such a decision, you always need to have self-confidence and tenacity to thrive. 

Job-Seeker Visa

The only way a non-EU citizen can enter Germany is by having a job seeker visa. It allows the person to stay for up to six months on the visa. And once you are there with the visa, you sure want to utilize your stay. 

For that, you need to support yourself till you find a job financially, remember Germany has a high cost of living, have at least a degree level of education, and some experience in work. 


You may not wait for an employer or a company to employ you. You can also choose to become self-sufficient. Freelancing is an excellent option while you keep hunting for jobs. 

Freelancing is often considered the fastest way to earn your living. Some freelance jobs in Germany include content writing, social media marketing, business consulting, web development, graphic design, interpreter, etc. 

Starting Your Own Business

Like freelancing, this is another option where you can be self-sufficient and earn without waiting for someone to provide you with the job. Till you can create a location independent online business website for your products, the local market is your savior. 

It is believed that the lending or loan business in Germany is in demand. The German banks do not give a loan to someone who does not have any credit history in Germany. Therefore, for the newly arrived immigrants, your business might be of great help. 


Germany does have a high cost of living but moving there without a job is not a problem. Instead, it is often said that Germany is a place where no matter what your background is, they have a job to offer for everyone. 

When you have ticked off the list of learning German, being an EU citizen, or having a job seeker visa, you can support yourself financially till you find a job, you are good to go. 

How To Move To Germany From The USA?

Berlin is seen to be the most desired destination to reallocate for US citizens. The city offers an intriguing start-up platform and interests many young adults who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. 

Germany does not fall back with its nightlife as well. That too attracts a lot of US citizens. The demand to move to Germany increases day by day as the capital Berlin provides more and more work for the international workers. 

Another advantage for the US citizens is that Germany considers the USA a priority country and favors offering a visa than to the other non-EU countries. 


How much money do you need to move to Germany?

As we said, it is impossible to move to Germany, but it also has a high cost of living. On average, the cost of moving to Germany itself is a lot. To be precise, Americans who reside on the East coast would have to spend less on moving than people who stay on the West Coast as they are closer to Germany.

Is getting a job in Germany comfortable?

Yes, absolutely. Germany is said to have the largest economy in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world. So, it is quite normal to get a job in Germany. There are plenty of them. And if you have some rare skill, it sure is a jackpot. 

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