How to Move to Italy With No Money?

How to Move to Italy With No Money?

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “How to Move to Italy With No Money?”

The idea of moving to a new city seems fascinating but requires some work if we look at the possibility closely. It doesn’t matter even if you’re going with less or no money because you will make enough eventually in the place. 

Italy is a city that’s rich in both art and culture, and there is no better idea than to start a life of our own. You have more career options than one, in a city that’s so rich and open. As much as moving to Italy might look like an adventure, it does even take a lot of courage and patience, and significant issues to solve. 

How to Move to Italy With No Money?

It is indeed a great move to shift to Italy if you want to live a good life. However, this European country has a slightly inefficient system but has good exposure to people in terms of art and culture. 

All European countries somehow have a laid-back system, but it doesn’t mean it affects your quality of life. It is, in fact, better in Europe than in the US. You might have to go through a lengthy procedure of visa application and other legal stuff. The process may be different for the citizens that come from outside the EU

The country is not just one of the best tourist destinations globally but also a land full of artistic value. Some of the many pluses of moving to Italy include its mild climate and low cost of living. Who wouldn’t want to start a life in a place so rich and incredible? It doesn’t matter if you are moving with not many funds; you will eventually find the means to earn yourself and live a good life. 

How Is Moving for EU Citizens?

You are lucky if you are one of the nationals in the EU country. 

  • You don’t need a work permit. 
  • You must register for residency if you want to stay longer than three months. 
  • Apply for a permanent residence after five years of continuous residency 


You cannot merely get a job if you are not from the EU section of people. 

  • Italian government decides how many work visas it will issue to non-EU workers in a year. 
  • You must let your employer apply in Italy for authorization to work. 
  • The Italian government has a fair system of immigration in place, and it will even dictate what occupation it will issue visas to 


Moving to Italy for education isn’t a tough deal to crack. 

  • Ensure that you are already enrolled with an Italian institution.
  • Later you will apply for an extended stay visa for education, giving you a residence permit when you enter the country.
  • Twenty hours a week is how long you can work for.

Joining A Family Member

It is excellent if you have a family member who is a permanent Italian resident. Apply for the Italian family reunification visa, and you will realize that moving to Italy with a family is the best decision you ever made. For that, 

  • The family member must apply for authorization for you to come. 
  • After you are granted permission by Italian authorities, you can directly apply for the visa. 


If you can sustain yourself financially without working, you can do it through an Elective Residence visa. 

  • People with this visa must prove that they have enough financial means to sustain themselves (the amount you must have, is dictated by Italian authorities)
  • You can’t work in Italy if you have this visa. 
  • This visa is also known as the retirement permit.


Is moving to Italy with a family possible?

As unaware as people are, as possible it is, to move to Italy with your family. The above article has only been compiled to shed light on ways to get there, and if it’s with family you want to move to that country, you must read up this article to understand why or why not, you shouldn’t. 

What is an Elective Residence visa?

It’s also known as the retirement permit, which a lot of us may apply for. It’s simple to get; we just have to show some funds and prove that we will find well for ourselves while we are there. 


How to move to Italy with no money? It isn’t as hard a process that it seems to us. There are various ways that you can get to an incredible country, as discussed in the article. Identify what’s your idea to get there and refer to this article for help. 

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