How to Move to Los Angeles Without A Job?

How to Move to Los Angeles Without A Job?

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “How to Move to Los Angeles Without A Job?”

Is the city with the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles, the dream city you have wanted to move to? Well, as many people say, Los Angeles is the city of stars. You may find your neighbor to be Kylie Jenner or any other celebrity. But is it a good idea to move to this city without a job? We shall find out. 

We understand why you wish to move to Los Angeles. But before you relocate without a job, you must understand and compare the pros and cons of the city. There can be both social and economic considerations that you must note before you decide to move. 

Therefore, we are here to give you every detail of why and how you should move to Los Angeles without a job. 

How to Move to Los Angeles Without A Job?

To understand how to move, you must always have a plan A and plan B ready. We are here to tell you to plan A. These are the things you can do to afford a life in Los Angeles without a job. Let’s get started. 

Use Your Savings

Isn’t is it obvious! Before moving to any city, you must have savings to survive a month or two at least. Los Angeles is said to be the city for the riches. You must do a little research online on the expenses that are to be incurred when you move to the city. Then you will have a clear idea about how much savings you will need to survive in the new city without a job. 

According to most people that have moved, surviving in L.A. without savings can be more challenging than you think. So, we suggest you bring money to stay longer. 

  • Stay with A Friend or Family or Acquaintance

The cost of staying in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2300, according to Business Insider. If you find a place to stay in the initial days, be it a long distant friend, family, or just acquaintances, nothing like it. 

That is probably the best way you can start living in L.A. It will help you with the finances and help you with tips to navigate the new city and find its hidden gems. 

  • Find Work ASAP

We do not mean to disappoint you, but finding a job in Los Angeles can be challenging. It is the city of dreams, but not all dreams come true. If you are trying to find a job in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industry, you are in luck. 

But if not, we suggest you look for service jobs. Service jobs can give you decent money until you find the job you want, which pays better. 

You can also sign up for freelance jobs for some extra income. Finding the right job can take months in Los Angeles or maybe longer. So, we suggest you come prepared.  

  • Look for A Rented Place to Stay

It is a good idea to move out of your friend’s or family’s house as soon as you find a job. But in Los Angeles, finding the right house can be a task in itself. If you are trying to find a place online, we suggest you do not believe everything you see online. 

Pictures can be deceptive. You must visit the place, see it yourself, calculate the commute time from your workplace and then decide. The real estate agents can help you find a home. 

  • Use A “Lyft” To Go Places

Like every city, the city also has a range of transport options for commuting. Although most people staying in Los Angeles prefer to drive their car. But according to your commute time and distance between work and home, you have to choose which to use. 

You can either use public transportation or even go for a ride-share. Uber and Lyft are very popular ride-sharing options in the city. You can also ride your scooter or bike or drive your car to go around the city. You can rent a bike for $2 for 30 mins or choose to use a day pass for $5 to use the bike for 24 hours. 

Guide on Moving to Los Angeles

There are numerous reasons why people wish to move to Los Angeles. We are going to list a few here for your reference. 

  • The weather in Los Angeles is warm and sunny. 
  • Its weather factors the natural beauty of Hibiscus, Jacaranda, Bird of Paradise, and Bougainvillea flowers.
  • The city has over 100 museums of historical importance and is culturally rich.
  • The city has varied employment opportunities in the Entertainment, Fashion, Information and Technology, Aerospace, and defense industries. 
  • The Entertainment and movie business is flourishing, and most people find their dreams coming true here. 
  • The nightlife of Los Angeles has a different definition of fun, which anyone will surely enjoy. 
  • The food options in this city are what brings many people together here. From fine-dine to eating in “everyday” place, you will find everything. 
  • Healthy living is a “thing” for the people in the city. 
  • The city has a very “chill” vibe and laid-back attitude, irrespective of the profession. 
  • Los Angeles is a confluence of culture and diversity. 


We did not mean to scare you with all that could go wrong in moving to Los Angeles. Instead, we are trying to help you prepare for a plan B. This city hosts a lot of “from rags to riches” story. A lot of dreams have come true in this beautiful city. So, if you are moving to Los Angeles alone, you make sure to be well prepared for anything that comes. 


This video can help you with some tips to move to Los Angeles alone:

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