Illegal Money-Making Ideas

Illegal Money-Making Ideas

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “Illegal Money-Making Ideas”


If you are here, you must be already dreaming of making millions and billions of dollars fast. Got inspired by the series Money-heist or the movie Oceans’ 11 and probably wondering how you become that person? Well, there are a ton of money-making ideas that are honest and respectful. But they take time and effort. 

Quite indicative of the phrase illegal money-making, these methods do not follow the law and shall land you up in trouble. But there is no harm in exploring. 

Therefore, we have listed down some of the ideas on making 1000 and 2000 dollars fast illegally.

Illegal Money-Making Ideas

People often choose to make money illegally if they are in some crisis or wish to be rich quickly without investing time and effort. Therefore, people get attracted to earning money illegally. Not justifying that that is the right way to do but that can be another way of earning money. Let’s look at some of the available options. 

Ways of Making Money Illegally

In order of simplicity, we have listed down how to make 1000 dollars fast illegally

  • Rob A Bank

Well, that perhaps is the first way that will cross anyone’s minds. After watching multiple movies on heists and bank robberies, you must be wondering that the process must be straightforward. 

However, there is a lot of planning that goes behind a successful bank robbery. You will have to go past the security cameras, the guards, the people visiting the bank and then come out with substantial money bags. That’s not a one man’s task. You will need a partner, rather than a troop to carry out this job. 

  • Become A Drug Dealer

Another quick but risky way to make 1000 dollars fast illegally, for example, is Pablo Escobar. You can earn a profit by illegally smuggling drugs from a drug legalized state to the one that prohibits it. 

Drug dealers have a different food chain other than the ones we usually knew. The higher you go in that chain, the more money you earn. Like the street hustler, the lower ranks tend to make decent money, but there are more chances of getting shot or killed. 

  • Sell Counterfeit Goods

This, in itself, is a $ 1.7 trillion industry, according to Forbes. Counterfeiting is the illegal smuggling of fake products with the tag of high-end brands. Most users shopping for these products often skip to check the product’s authenticity and end up paying the actual amount. 

Most such products are smuggled from China and are sold in the black markets of the city. Famous brands like Rolex, Louis Vitton, Rayban, Supreme are the most common. However, pharmaceutical drugs are also being smuggled, and therefore overdosing on these can even cause death. This is an excellent method on how to make 2000 dollars fast illegally. 

  • Become A Professional Scammer

Well, the internet will give you a bunch of ways of scamming people. The huge amongst all is the investment scam. You can pretend to be a multi-billionaire company looking for investment. 

You can lure your investors into exciting money-back guarantees and then rob them of their money. You can look at Craigslist for small amounts as you will get plenty of options to scam people for money. 

  • Go into Prostitution

An unspoken yet trendy way of how to make 2000 dollars fast illegally is going into prostitution. In many countries, it is legal, but you can earn a lot in those that are not. 

It all depends on how good you are or how desirable the service you provide to your clients. Therefore, marketing plays a vital role in this competitive market. 

  • Pickpocket

A relatively more straightforward method of making money. With more and more digital transactions happening, people do not carry a lot of cash with them. 

You can pick up expensive things like watches, credit cards, and social security numbers and sell them either on Craigslist or on the black market. But to make money online, check out the next point. 

  • Become A Hacker

This is a digital scamming process for which you will have to know your ways around computers. People usually send emails, and when people open them, it shows a virus attack on the computer and then offers to fix it. 

While installing the malware, you can steal important information and sell it on the black market. There are ways where people directly take-out money from the person’s account and transfer them to multiple other accounts to avoid getting caught.  

This is more of an illegal business that involves match-fixing and bribing players to play a sure way to win or lose the game. The gamblers choose to play with less popular players as they are easy to lure into offers. 

A bettor that way can guarantee the win or loss of the game and earn from that. In some states and games, this has been legalized, but for the ones it’s not, you can earn a lot of money. 

  • How Can I Make $1000 Fast?

You must want to know the quickest possible way of making $1000. Well, there are multiple ways in which you can make money from home legally.

  • Become a freelancer
  • Start writing blogs
  • Participate in market research
  • Invest in share market
  • Rent out your property
  • Online teaching and coaching

Final Thoughts

If you have to make money fast and illegally, you can consider the options mentioned above. While we suggest these options, we must also tell you that every choice has its own set of risks, both life-threatening and imprisonment. You must analyze the risk before taking up any of these options. 


Take a quick look at the video that tells you ways of earning money illegally. 

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