4 Types of Investments to Avoid

4 Types of Investments to Avoid

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “4 Types of Investments to Avoid”

Everyone wants to make investments and ones that are both wise and promising. We work hard only to live a good life and a lavish lifestyle supported by some suitable investments. 

Nobody wants to invest in a life that they will regret later to ensure that one must be read well. One must understand that they can only enjoy the benefits of investment if that’s thought through well because it will decide how comfortable we will be financial. 

One cannot immediately become a more affluent person by planning to invest, and it’s, in fact, a journey we have got to be extremely patient about. 

4 Types of Investments to Avoid and Why

There can be suitable investments, and there can be unwise investments; it’s on us to quickly recognize the type. If we work like sensible investors, we will be in a much secure place financially. 

People might think that it’s a quick way to collect wealth without even having to work for it, but it isn’t right. After all, the money we plan to invest in a commodity or a share is hard-earned, and we don’t want to let go of it. 

This article compiles four different investments that one must mainly keep away from. 

The possibility of losing money is indeed remote in a sensible investment, but one must always know and be aware of the various losing and gaining possibilities. 

When we have a certain level of understanding and insight, we are likely to always have our way with investments. If this know-how is missing, we may be tempted by the different investment schemes in the market and lose our hard-earned income, and none of us wants that. 

The way to avoid such circumstances is to be well-versed with all investment possibilities and know where to put our money. 

What Are Penny Stocks?

  • These stocks are almost similar to the nature of regular stocks, representing they are from a particular organization.
  • These stocks are offered to the investors at comparatively low prices, lower than a dollar. That is why they are called penny stocks. 
  • We must never fall for penny stock arrangement because no one knows what might happen to its value the next moment. 
  • Sometimes the companies offering these stocks are not even listed on the popular stock exchange. 
  • With most information about the company unavailable on the internet, predicting the stock price may become even more challenging. 


  • Commodities are basically known as raw materials extracted from the earth only to be manufactured for sale.
  • Commodities can include natural gas, gold, oil, and raw materials include coffee, rice, silver, and fish. 
  • It’s a risky investment because investors bet on the most potent asset price rather than putting money in an income-generating one, for example, a dividend or a bond. 
  • When we pay dividends regularly, our money is simply secured by keeping our share in a particular company. 

Futures and Options 

  • It’s basically a contract signed between two parties wherein two parties oppose each other’s view. 
  • It is a complex financial tool, and it involves using the sense of intuition and guesstimate. 
  • To predict the stock market’s moves, one needs real-time resources and decent investment, which is not possible for everyone. 

Equity Crowdfunding

  • It is more to do with investment in a company in exchange for a share of ownership. 
  • You cannot sell your shares if the company isn’t growing fast
  • Investors like us are finally allowed to invest up to 1500 dollar in a year 
  • It’s always better to go warned that might even help save a little money 

What to Do?

  • It’s always best to diversify our investments. 
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to display a balancing portfolio with stocks and bonds. 
  • Choose the places you are sure about, investment-wise, educate yourself, and that will make sure you don’t lose money. 
  • There is nothing like ‘get rich quick schemes; avoid that. 


What are the four types of investments to avoid?

The four types of investments to avoid include penny stock, commodities, equity crowdfunding, and futures and options. One is only on a safe investment route if he avoids the above four options. 

What is the best thing to do when faced with risks?

Whenever faced with risks, it’s essential to always keep our knowledge up to date; the more we educate ourselves about working on these investment plans, the more we will know, and we can predict.


The four types of investments to avoid are to be kept in mind always. One must understand that if they invest without enough thought and consideration, they might be disappointed. What’s best to do is just keep ourselves aware of the market and its behavior.

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