Here’s What People Say About Buying A Car with Over 100k Miles

Buying A Car with Over 100k Miles

In this article, we’ll discuss the important topic of: “Buying A Car with Over 100k Miles”

If you are getting a high mileage car, in particular over 100k miles, you might need to consider it thoroughly before purchasing. If you plan to make a few changes to parts of your car, like wheels or interior, you might not have plenty of options to do.

But the question here, is buying a car with over 100k miles bad or good?

In my opinion, getting a car over 100k miles is not a bad idea. Instead, there are multiple benefits to purchasing a high-mileage vehicle. For example, cars used over 100k miles save money when purchasing, registering, and insuring, and it depreciates slower than low-mileage cars.

Let’s discover the main reason why you should buy a car with over 100k miles or more.

Is It Wise to Buy a Car with High Mileage?

Well, purchasing new higher mileage cars is better than buying old vehicles that have driven fewer miles. Cars are meant to be driven, so having high-mileage in vehicles seems to last longer because it lubricates itself more frequently and dust of carbon build-up, which is beneficial for long-lasting cars. 

We all know that buying a new car will cost a fortune to many and you might tangle yourself to debt, which you don’t want.

How would it be if you have bought a car without breaking your savings or getting into debt? Sound great, isn’t it?

In this scenario, the best option is to buy a car with over 100k miles as it saves your pocket. You might get more benefits that come with a new car these days. 

However, cars with high-mileage costs significantly less, and it is fair to save up and pay outright for them. It is wise to buy a car with high-mileage as it keeps your financial budget in place, and you don’t have to wait for a long time to buy a car.

3 Major Reasons Why Cars over 100k Miles Are a Good Deal

  • Automobiles Are Better Designed

In the past 20 years, the automobile industry has evolved and created better-designed car engines, which have reduced oil consumption and added features that offer maximum output for users to enjoy. Manufacturing standards are pretty higher, and built quality is durable for the long run. So, it is a dollar for a dollar deal if you consider purchasing it.

  • You Get Better Deals If It Is Over 100k Miles

When your budget is tight, you can buy cars, which have crossed the 100 km mark. You will see the enormous difference in price from the vehicles in the showroom, and if you are lucky, you might get your dream car in better deals. 

  • Depreciates Is Slower

While purchasing a used car with a mileage that’s better than average, there is a twist here, the previous user who already took the depreciation hit while using it. The odometer’s mileage still has less to do with resale value than the car’s overall state. 

So, car depreciation is less than a new car. E.g., when you purchase a 10-year-old vehicle that touched 100K miles for $8,000, you can see the drop in value a thousand dollars a year or very little. So, it is wise to buy a car with high mileage in your budget.

A pro tip from an expert is careful before buying a used car’s approaching service milestones if its previous owner has not done it. This will lead to additional and unforeseen expenses from your pocket. The wise alternative is to purchase a pre-owned automobile that has already been serviced at any of the milestones.

  • What Is Good Mileage for A Car?

Many skilled mechanics would say about 12,000 miles a year is an accurate estimation for an automobile that has not been overdriven and is known to have great mileage. As a result, a car driven for ten years will have an appropriate mileage of 120,000 miles.

  • Is Mileage More Important Than Age?

Although both miles and age are necessary, it depends on how age can matter over miles to users who want to purchase. E.g., if a car is used for 10 to 15 years and has a mileage of only 30k to 40k miles can be desirable to users.


If you’re thinking about buying a car with cash, don’t pause to glance at models with even more than 100K miles. Although you may not get the pleasure of a new car, you will get other benefits.

Mostly it depends on the type of car model, the user, and the servicing done on the vehicle for better performance. This is one of the many reasons we suggest doing inspections before buying because no one can predict the unforeseen problems by its age and kilometers.

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